Welcome to My Website!

In the next few pages, you will find my biography, my books and their excerpts, my book reviews of other authors’ books, and my travel itinerary.

English is an in-demand content area, and many people neglect to realize the many benefits of having an in-depth understanding of the language. Because of my  mastery of the English language, I was able to create Word Lovers Book and Literary Club, a entity that exists to advance literary interests in local communities and to maximize the uses of English. It is through Word Lovers that middle and high school students learn how to analyze, review, write, and publish books. Our Aspiring Writers in Excellence (AWE) program has made a tremendous impact on students’ perceptions as future English teachers and published authors. If you are a published author in need of a free review, then be sure to check out the Word Lovers page.

For your reading pleasure, excerpts are available from my two previously released books, Proclivity and Rise of the Christian . My newest release, Forbidden Persuasion comes with a soundtrack when purchased directly from me.  All of my books are available any where books are sold.

Thank you for visiting my website. This is truly the beginning of something beautiful.

Tanisca M. Wilson