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I’m glad you are  here. As you peek around, you’ll learn that I love writing and that I am not married to a particular genre but enjoy many types of stories. When you read my bio, you’ll learn a little bit about who I am and as you continue to click around, you’ll see that my ultimate goal is to advance literacy in my community. I am a lover of historical fiction but also enjoy non-fiction and drama. To add to that, I am a researcher at heart and by profession, so that means that you’ll see me involved in various creative activities.

In addition to writer, author, and researcher, I am the president of the best book club in Louisiana, Word Lovers Book & Literary Club! To date, we have reviewed more than 100 books and interviewed more than 25 authors. We are the proud producers of Knowing, a publication that gives indie authors a platform to express themselves and market their books. So if you are an indie author looking for a space to have a voice, email us.

Thank you for visiting my website. This is truly the beginning of something beautiful.