Acceptability Standards

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Acceptability Standards

1). If you do not care about your work, then why should we? We will not accept manuscripts that show obvious signs of neglect by the author. If most of your sentences are fragments and/or run-ons and few of your subject and verbs agree, and if you have taken comma splice to a new level of irresponsible use, then your manuscript is unacceptable for submission. The point is that we will not work with an author who does not take pride in his/her work.  Please ensure that your manuscript is ready for editing and is not in need of a rewrite.

2). We do not accept manuscripts with a high frequency usage of profanity. While we appreciate the unique and creative abilities of every author, we choose to forego these types of manuscripts.

3). While we esteem a well-written sex scene, we prefer not to edit manuscripts that read like scripts in a pornography movie.

4). Defamation of other countries, people, traditions, and places, if not proven to be facts, is unacceptable. We do not edit racist or hate books, proposals, texts, or journal articles. Manuscripts that are written to propel historical events are accepted.

5) Manuscripts must be double-spaced when submitted. Journal articles must adhere to APA formatting, as much as you know how, when submitted. Poetry and other types of writing must adhere to their industry standards, as much as you know how. The goal is for you to submit your best work, so we can do our best work. We will correct formatting issues in addition to other astray items in your work, but submit what you believe to be your final copy.

6). Submit completed manuscripts.  We do not edit one or a few chapters at a time or a page here and there.  We work on tight deadlines, so we require your finished product. In return, we will give you a finished quality product that will make you proud.



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