Book Reviews

Please note that our book reviews contain spoilers. Also, we use a five star rating scale for our reviews and we provide a detailed explanation to buttress our review ratings: 5 stars (We loved this book); 4 stars (We really liked this book); 3 stars (We thought this book was okay); 2 stars (We struggled with this book) 1 star (We did not like this book). Click on the link to see our collective review.

Word Lovers book club has selected to read and review the following books for its 2018 year:

1What Happened by Hilary Clinton(3 stars)

2)Birds of Opulence by Crystal Wilkinson

3)The Five Times I Met Myself by James Rubart

4) Isaiah’s Daughter by Mesu Andrews 

5) A Passionate Hope by Jill Eileen Smith (4 stars)

6)Before We Were Yours by Lisa Wingate