Contests! Play to Win but Have Fun too!

New Contests for 2019! Answer each question below and then email your response to and include the prize you would like to have if you win. Contest is open until May 31, 2019. Prizes will be given immediately after contest ends.

Contest 1: What image represents the 2nd book I wrote?

Contest 2: Who’s voice is in the narration below? (Tanisca’s, Diana’s or Marsha’s?)

Contest 3: In the book Inmate, why does Zymar kill her husband?

Choose Your Prize:

  1. Basket of award winning books
  2. Matinee movie ticket
  3. Basket of chocolate goodies

Reader’s Choice Contest Award Winners 2017

Contestants had to photograph the look of their faces when they read the ending of Forbidden Persuasion.