Creative Spaces/Hobbies

She Enjoys Life by Embracing Her Whole Self…

She loves to read, write and produce books, plays, and documentaries! Dr. Wilson believes in spiritual and physical balance, so she concentrates on mental, physical, and soul wellness by living a well-balanced life. To accomplish this, she does not borrow time from home to give to work or time from work to give to home. Instead, she prioritizes work and home life from the perspective of wholeness and wellness.

When she is not serving on the front lines of education, Tanisca is tapping into her creative side. She has written several fiction books and has seen one of her short stories become a play. Also, she is the president of a book club and hosts an annual short story and poetry contest titled, “Great Minds in Louisiana.”

She loves pottery, traveling, and spending time with her family.

Presenting at a book festival
Short story, Bury the Bones, performed by SUNO’s Drama Club.
Women Writers of Color Author Discussion
Louisiana Book Festival
One of her favorites: The Lorraine Motel
Book signing at Local Library