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“If you cannot fly, then run. If you cannot run, then walk. If you cannot walk, then crawl, but whatever you do, keep moving forward”-Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

Cultural shifts demand educational change. Dr. Wilson understands this concept, so through her research she works to stay in-step with the needs of students and educational systems. Through her students, both young and seasoned, she has seen the transformational power of education on the mind, so she knows the importance of paying it forward. She gives back to the profession through research, teaching and service and never shies away from doing the hard things. She is constantly moving forward.

Her research interests are equity and access for underserved populations, education reform, and women in education. She has presented on these topics at regional and national conferences. Also, she has a published chapter in the two book volume Women as Leaders in Education: Succeeding despite inequity, discrimination and other challenges. and was a contributor and editor for the book, Women in Education, Narratives of challenge and change.

Speaking to teachers at the Hilton
Speaking to high school seniors about college

Dr. Wilson is not a stingy keeper of knowledge. She believes that her responsibility as a life long learner includes information-sharing and networking. As an instructional coach, she has worked diligently to teach teachers as well as lead through learning. It is how she gives back through teaching.

Dr. Wilson and Teacher Candidate in Content Session
Show me and I understand…Candidate giving it a try.

It Is Her Privilege to Serve

Throughout her tenure in education, Dr. Wilson has served on multiple committees, reviewed a myriad of articles for publication, and created a long list of program firsts. Among them were the Paraprofessionals ExCEL program where she worked with school districts to create a seamless pathway for paras to become certified teachers; Education Week where she increased student interests and engagement in the teacher education profession, and the Teacher Quality Academy, where she spearheaded the reflective practice initiative.

Plaquemines School District Leaders Partners w/Dr. Wilson for Paras ExCEL

Fellow Presenters and Dr. Wilson at AABHE Conference
Speaking to a group of 1st year African-American male teachers

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