Word Lovers Book and Literary Club

Who are we?

Word Lovers Book club is a group of professional women who love to read and review books. We represent diversity in thought, age, and literary interests. While we read books of various genres, our exception is erotica and what we call the “Thug Genre.”

Our Mission

We strive to promote and sustain an exchange of thought-provoking discussions around a literary work, expand our communities’ literary interests, and promote authors who can tell a good story as well as offer thematic life lessons in their books.


We are a highly selective book club, so we meet once every two months to discuss our book selections in great detail. Our meeting months are August, October, December, February, April, and June. Our business meeting is in July. During our business meeting, we select books for our next reading year.

 What Authors Can Expect:

    • You can expect us to write an  honest and objective review (collectively) of your work on www.amazon.com and www.goodreads.com websites.
    • We will promote your work as part of our literary mission to readers in our community and to our education constituents (middle and high schools)
    • We will consider your work for our Best Book Award in which you will be honored with a plaque and an invitation to meet with us via video, phone, or in person, whichever is most feasible to you, the author.
  • If we select one of your books to read, then we will always keep our eye out for your work and give you first consideration whenever you release a new book.


We will gladly consider your book as long as it meets our genre requirements. If your book releases  between August and June of our reading year, then we will consider it for our next reading year. If your book is selected, we will notify you via email. Send advance reader copies to Word Lovers Book and Literary Club, P.O. Box 740643, New Orleans, Louisiana, 70174 or you may email us your book release sheet at wordloversbookclub@gmail.com

Our Annual Events

We organize several literary events to promote our mission. They are:

  • Our Annual Great Minds in New Orleans Essay Contest
  • Our Quarterly Creative Writing Workshops
  • Our Bi-Annual Book Festival for New Authors
  • Our Aspiring Writers in Excellence (AWE) Club which receives ongoing support from members of Word Lovers.