Learning & Leading

Dr. Wilson embodies a unique set of experiences as a higher education and as a K-12 instructional leader. She uses her experiences to create relevant and sustainable programs, achieve educational outcomes, and drive decisions for school improvement and post college transitions.

It takes creative minds and progressive leaders to advance learning for the 21st Century. Here, Dr. Wilson meets with a team of K-12 leaders to discuss innovative instructional leadership practices.

Her greatest investment is in people because she knows ordinary people can do extraordinary things when others believe in them. Here, she gives the keynote address to teachers for the Inspired to Teach ceremony, her brainchild to properly induct newly certified teachers into the profession.

Hosting Chancellors from abroad, Dr. Wilson shares her research and experience with effective recruitment models. She led an enrollment team during the post-Katrina era in increasing college enrollment by 110%. It was the only time enrollment at a community college outpaced enrollment at LSU, the State’s flagship.